Human Resource and Workforce Development Education

US News online bachelor's badgeThe Human Resource and Workforce Development Education (HRWD) program, offered by distance (online) learning, prepares graduate and undergraduate students of all ages and backgrounds for a rewarding breadth of careers.

U.S. News and World Report ranked the online baccalaureate degree programs of the College of Education and Health Professions — including the Bachelor of Science in Human Resource and Workforce Development — No. 21 among 337 ranked programs for 2021.

Offered are degrees of bachelor of science in education, master of education and doctor of education, which are detailed on the Degrees page with requirements outlined on the Admission Process page.

Facebook logoOffering small class sizes, a diverse student body and low student-faculty ratios, Human Resource and Workforce Development Education programs offer a tightly knit, high-energy learning in a student-centered environment. Students have numerous opportunities for hands-on technical, research and professional experience in a variety of community settings. HRWD faculty members are available to students seeking advice on a variety of topics and serve as resources long after students graduate.

Bachelor of Science in Education

The Bachelor of Science in Education prepares individuals to apply training, development, and career planning and counseling skills to improve individual productivity, employability, job satisfaction and organizational effectiveness.

Undergraduate Minor

The minor in Human Resource and Workforce Development introduces the concepts of organizational development, career planning, and training and development.

Master of Education

The Master of Education comprises a 33-hour non-thesis online program, focusing on human resource and workforce development (HRD) theory and best practices.

Doctor of Education

The Doctor of Education program is designed for students who seek leadership careers in education, business or industry settings.

The program is part of the Department of Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders.